Connecting health communities

We support cross-sector partnerships to tackle health inequalities.

How we support cross-sector partnerships

We’ve been facilitating cross-sector partnerships to develop practical responses to local issues for over 15 years – most recently through Building health partnerships and Transforming healthcare together. We have enabled groups to reach their most isolated and vulnerable community members, ensuring that services meet local needs.

We’re currently working in 11 areas of England, supporting them to meet the challenges of integrated health and social care.

1. Getting started

We support local areas to build partnerships where no meaningful cross-sector relationship exists.

2. Getting to the next level

We enable areas with an existing cross-sector partnership to translate good intensions into actionable plans.

3. Making it stick

We support existing partnerships to make changes at the system level.

4. Getting unstuck

We support areas who are already involved in local collaborative working to address challenges on their partnership journey.

Resources and learning about…

Case studies

We’re better together

How the health sector worked in partnership during the Covid-19 crisis

Open Link

A ‘test and learn’ approach to community-led health and care

Designing a way for statutory services to share leadership with the voluntary and community sector in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Open Link

Community-led Public Health

Preventing sight loss and reducing the chances of young people developing musculoskeletal conditions in West Yorkshire and Harrogate. 

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Meet the delivery team

Meet some of the people who help to connect health communities.

We are from the kinds of organisations and communities that we seek to serve. Having worked in and around the voluntary sector as volunteers, paid staff, leaders, trustees, teachers and researchers – we understand and care about the distinctiveness and independence of the sector.

Sonakshi Anand

Programme Manager and Facilitator

Charlotte Pace


Charlotte Pace, research associate at IVAR.

Katie Turner


A profile picture of Katie Turner, Head of Research, IVAR.

Helen Garforth


Photo of Helen Garforth

Annie Caffyn

Co-Facilitator and Researcher

Keeva Rooney

Co-Facilitator and Researcher

Keeva Rooney - IVAR researcher.

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