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Welcome to IVAR. We are an independent charity that works closely with people and organisations striving for social change. From the very small that directly support the most vulnerable in their local communities, to those that work nationally – across the voluntary, public and funding sectors.

We use research to develop practical responses to the challenges faced and create opportunities for people to learn from our findings. This site is home to our bank of research and resources, providing insights that can help organisations adapt to change and make informed and confident decisions.

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19 December 2017

Long game: Commonweal Housing's approach to learning and evaluation

Leila Baker

Over the past 18 months Leila Baker, our Head of Research, has been working alongside Commonweal Housing to help them enhance the way they use learning and evaluation to inform their work on housing solutions for social injustice. She shares the thinking behind the approach they have developed.

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19 December 2017

Strategies for survival

At a recent Roundtable discussion for CEOs of voluntary organisations, Arvinda Gohil, CEO of Community Links, discussed her organisation's recent partnership with Catch22.

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