Bringing trust-based learning to life: four actions for funders

Steps for more effective social change

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Dr Vita Terry and Keeva Rooney
What is ‘power’ and how can it be redistributed to communities?

Long read – sharing insights from across our research portfolio

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One Southwark year one briefing

Building confidence and connections

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Building confidence and connections in Southwark

Year one findings from the One Southwark programme 

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Not just ticking boxes

Four stories illustrating the power of community-led health service design

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Collaborative working in complexity

Helping it go well

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Working together in community support

Evaluation of the Connecting for Change programme from Help on Your Doorstep

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Three charity workers from Switchback walk through a courtyard. Switchback is a London-based charity that support young men to find a way out of the criminal justice system and build stable and rewarding lives.
Power and equity

This page shares how we’re approaching power and equity. We hope to build on it with thoughts and ideas from different perspectives from across sectors.

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In the face of overwhelming need

Supporting charities to navigate the Cost of Living crisis

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What is IVAR’s role in supporting Black or minoritised communities?  
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