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UK Evaluation Roundtable Teaching Cases 2020

Corra Foundation & Pears Foundation

December 2020

Ben Cairns, Liz Firth


People and systems are under stress in unprecedented ways. Facing a volatile and uncertain future, more than ever foundations need good learning to support tough decisions about maximising their contribution. In our two new cases, Corra Foundation and Pears Foundation share how their approach to learning has performed under pressure in response to Covid-19, and their initial thoughts on how this will influence the way they learn for the longer term.


The cases should be read in conjunction with the Learning through uncertainty blog series  (produced by the Evaluation Roundtable Network of staff from over 60 Foundations) which links to our ongoing work on sustaining progressive practice into the future. Central to the work of the Roundtable Network is a recognition that, to be the best that they can be, foundations need to be thoughtful and reflective. Which is why learning is critical: balancing data with intuition; combining evidence with instinct. It is not an add on, it’s integral and essential.

Note: These cases were produced for the 2020 convening of the Evaluation Roundtable. The lines are numbered to support detailed discussion.


(ERT Teaching Case_ Corra Foundation 2020)


(ERT Teaching Case_Pears Foundation 2020)

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