Explore if and how to merge.

Where to start

A merger is one of the most challenging steps an organisation can take. It can create tensions, as well as excitement, be the cause of much debate, and lead to permanent and irreversible change.
We have brought together the experiences of charities and merger specialists at Bates Wells to highlight reasons for thinking about merger, stages in the process, merger benefits and what makes a merger successful.

What is a merger?

  • One or more charity passing assets to another and then dissolving, OR
  • Two or more charities passing their assets to a new organisation and then dissolving.

Lessons from the field

Practitioner perspectives

Read more from four practitioners who have led merger processes.

Case study: Locality merger

A detailed account of the Locality merger, based on re-examination of documents and interviews with key participants.

Case study: TACT merger

Insight into the planning, discussions and challenges faced by TACT and its four merger partners, as well as critical success factors.

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Thinking about… Merger
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Thinking about… Merger, during Covid-19
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Strategies for survival
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