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BIG and small

Capacity-building, small organisations and the Big Lottery Fund

This research (carried out between March 2009 and March 2010) aimed to provide evidence to the BIG Lottery Fund (BIG) on how best to target its efforts to build capacity or support capacity building in [small] groups that apply to it for funding. The study was carried out against the backdrop of the recession, just prior to the formation of the coalition government and a period of restraint in the funding of capacity building in the VCS.

It outlines a range of issues that BIG, and other funders, need to take into account when developing an approach to capacity building. This includes:

  • the purpose of capacity building;
  • targeting capacity building;
  • diagnosing capacity building needs;
  • delivering capacity building.

The report concludes by recognising that the depth and breadth of any capacity building support must be weighed against the potential resource implications.

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