Alexandra Parker

Alex has a passion for telling stories with data. She has a PhD in urban planning from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. 

Previous work: Alex almost became an architect before following her interest in researching social issues within urban environments. She worked in research for the Gauteng City-Region Observatory in Johannesburg on a range of issues such as the challenges of parenting in the city, urban art and graffiti and travel patterns of parents and school children. 

She disseminated research findings to advance gender equality for Global Health 50/50 in the UK. 

Other interests: Alex loves art and dabbles in painting with watercolours. After hours you can find her at the cinema, watching birds in nature reserves, or exploring heritage architecture. 

All working towards reforming UK grant-making
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Ben Cairns
Helping funders commit to continuation funding
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Let’s get on

The Springfield Children’s Centre case study

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