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Working in Place: Collaborative funding in practice

Learning from five case studies

October 2017

Eliza Buckley, Ben Cairns, Marilyn Taylor, Katie Turner


Responding to recent shifts in policy and the economy, some public and independent funders are working together on a range of issues from mental health crisis-care to school exclusion. This report collates learning from five such partnerships, with praise for collaborative champions who can ‘leave their organisation at the door’ and other advice for cross-sector working. 

The research highlights eight key elements of collaborative funding in practice:


  1. Independent funding as a source of support for developing new ways of working
  2. ‘Collaborative champions’ or key individuals that can drive the work
  3. Developing appropriate processes through co-design
  4. Clarity about roles and responsibilities
  5. Listening and responding to service user voices
  6. Investment of time and resources in building relationships and processes
  7. Shared understanding about impact and reporting
  8. Sustainability and exit built into the process


(Working in Place: Collaborative funding in practice)

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