The STAGE Partnership: Learning and Legacy report on success and challenges of collaboration with small, medium and large charities.

The STAGE Partnership: Learning and Legacy

This report explores a partnership between small, medium and large charities who provide specialist women’s services across the North East, led by Changing Lives. It is a positive story of a partnership in action – sharing not only success factors, but also a frank account of the challenges and measures put in place for the partnership to grow together and establish a legacy. We hope this provides inspiration for other charities interested in working together.

I wanted to make sure that there are no blind spots and there is honesty. This is so important now, as the sustainability of so many charities is challenged – it was ever thus, but it is seriously exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the responsibility of us all to do everything we can to sustain a diverse and thriving sector.’

Laura Seebohm – Executive Director of External Affairs at Changing Lives.


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