Social entrepreneurship as a reintegrative solution for ex-prison residents

ANS Research - The Jane Hatfield Award

Can social entrepreneurship opportunities act as a viable avenue for 18 – 24 year old Black ex-prison residents to reintegrate back into society?

Structural barriers can limit the social mobility of Young Black men. Young Black men are also more likely to have experience of the criminal justice system than their white counterparts.

This report explores how young Black men with prison experience engage with social entrepreneurship to create opportunities for themselves and benefit their wider community. The research is reflective: sharing what research participants feel about social entrepreneurship and how it could aid their social reintegration. The authors review the suggestions of participants alongside literature evidence to make recommendations for action.

About the authors: 

Ammaarah Felix is an educator, researcher and consultant on all things gender, race and reproductive justice related. She specialises in youth work and education. Ammaarah has spent most of her career supporting the Black, South Asian and Muslim communities she belongs to. 

Naomi Robinson is a researcher and consultant, with experience conducting user research in the technology industry as well as social/community research. Naomi contributes to work within youth employment as a Youth Advisory Board member at Youth Futures Foundation. 

Sharon Tamale is a Researcher and Youth Justice Officer with a background as an educator, most recently supporting Law and Criminal Justice students. Sharon has a Masters in Education focusing on how prison education aids the rehabilitation and reintegration of young Black boys leaving prison. Sharon is keen to continue her career in supporting those who have been released from prison and are now ready to live a law-abiding life. 

Ammaarah Felix, Naomi Robinson and Sharon Tamale are recipients of The Jane Hatfield Award: a grant to support the next generation of researchers and activists. This Award is from IVAR and The Ubele Initiative CIC.


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