Barrier after barrier

Idaraya Life CIC and The Delicate Mind CIC - The Jane Hatfield Award

‘A report to understand and critically disseminate the barriers that racially marginalised young people (18 – 35) face with regards to undertaking long-term social action and social entrepreneurship within the U.K.’

This reflective report explores the experience of those actively involved in social action and social entrepreneurship. It presents a range of views and perspectives on the successes, challenges and support required for racially marginalised young people to take long-term social action. With this work, the authors hope to unlock purpose-led and innovation solutions to access and support challenges within the sector.

About the authors

Nikhwat Marawat runs the award-winning mental health C.I.C, The Delicate Mind (TDM). TDM supports racialised and working-class communities nationwide and focuses on issues of structural inequality issues such as socio economics and racism. By providing material analysis to structural barriers across the U.K. TDM seeks to reshape the mental health system: 

Ayisatu Emore founded Idaraya Life CIC as a direct response to the gendered and racial health inequalities that became more apparent in 2020. It provides diverse, accessible and inclusive health and wellbeing activities to help women improve their quality of life through being physically active, learning stress management skills and craft skills:

Nikhwat and Ayisatu are recipients of The Jane Hatfield Award: a grant to support the next generation of researchers and activists. The Award is from IVAR and The Ubele Initiative CIC.


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