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Response to change

How small voluntary organisations are using tech

May 2021

Ellie Hale CAST, Annie Caffyn, Chris Mills


We worked with the Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) to explore how small voluntary organisations (SVOs) responded to change and embraced tech* through the upheaval and uncertainty of 2020.

We found that SVOs are embracing tech through experimentation and innovation. While ‘everything now includes a digital element ’, digital doesn’t yet include everyone.

Our report includes: 

  • Tips and advice for SVOs
  • Stories of four SVOs embracing digital to respond to Covid
  • Suggestions for how funders can support SVOs’ use of tech
  • Challenges facing both SVOs and funders.

*A detailed explanation of what is meant by ‘tech’ can be found in the report: Start Somewhere.


(Response to change - IVAR - May 2021 - Final)

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