Learning with trust, trusting what we learn

Evaluation Roundtable briefing June 2023

Foundations are reshaping their learning systems as a critical resource for navigating complex work. Yet, practical questions still remain about how learning and evaluation supports the collective ability to have impact and how to think about and serve the needs of multiple stakeholders in the system.

Discussions in our Evaluation Roundtable convenings centred on the learning question: How can we bring trust-based learning to life in a way that responds to the needs of different actors in the learning system and builds collective wisdom for more effective and equitable social change?

The briefing includes the perspectives from six attendees, messages for trustees, and outlines what it takes to create the conditions for trust-based learning and attend to its risks.

With thanks to the 49 staff and trustees from 38 foundations who attended the convenings, as well as the six contributors. 

If you are interested in attending our Roundtable events or want to find out more, please contact Houda Davis at: houda@ivar.org.uk. Attendance is by invitation only, but we encourage you to get in touch.


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