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briefing paper

A balancing act: Youth volunteering in hospitals, in the context of Covid-19

April 2020

Annie Caffyn, Rebecca Moran


IVAR is the ‘learning partner’ for the Pears Foundation’s #iwill Match Fund, which supports the growth of inclusive, high-quality youth social action opportunities through 30 NHS Trusts and their respective charities. This briefing offers some initial reflections on the network’s response to Covid-19.


‘It has been an incredibly moving experience seeing how young people have responded, adapted and grown in this unfamiliar world we are currently in.’


We summarise the main content of peer support sessions for hospital volunteer coordinators which took place, and share insights from the Pears Foundation on each Trust’s response to Covid-19 along with thoughts from #iwill ambassadors and NHS England and NHS Improvement.


Alongside this briefing, we are publishing resources to support young volunteer programmes in hospitals, developed and shared by the Pears #iwill Peers. These can be accessed at



(A balancing act - Youth volunteering in the context of Covid-19 - IVAR April 2020 - FINAL)

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