Marguerite Hunter Blair of Play Scotland.

Rethinking funding for the future

Marguerite Hunter Blair – Chief Executive of Play Scotland  –  on ‘rethinking funding for the future’ : a reflection from the Planning in uncertainty peer support sessions by Corra Foundation and IVAR. 

For many of us in the third sector, we don’t just care about the job, the organisation or how to access the latest funding stream — we care passionately about social justice issues. We are highly motivated and energised by our ability to make a positive difference on the ground, and in real-time, for people in our communities.

Working with memberships, partners and a wide range of stakeholders, we innovate, energise and build capacity to deliver amazing results in our sectors and for funders.

The wobbly bridge, which can quickly become a tight rope without a safety net, is an uncertain funding foundation.

This doesn’t just jeopardise posts, salaries, pensions, and staff development — it is a barrier to attracting and retaining talented people who seek career progression and financial security. It also fosters division over collaboration as organisations seek to sustain their footprint and future.

Evidence shows that five-year core funding is essential to achieving outcomes; it is also a valuable lever in attracting additional funds and investment partners. ‘Building back better’ must include rethinking this hand-to-mouth approach to funding which can feel disrespectful, debilitating, and demeaning for voluntary organisations.

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