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Turning a corner

Transition in the voluntary sector 2012-2013

July 2013

Richard Jenkins, Eliza Buckley, Ben Cairns


Turning a corner looks at:  

  • The current operating environment for voluntary organisations – the risk of paralysis, working with others, staying rooted.
  • What helps voluntary organisations to thrive – understanding mission and fit with the bigger picture, tailored support and flexible funding.
  • Funders and the voluntary organisations they support – strategic approaches and building relationships.

The report draws on a year of IVAR’s research to offer a detailed snapshot of – and our reflections on – life for senior staff and trustees in frontline social welfare voluntary organisations.   In February 2013, we assessed what we had learned from our year in the field by collectively analysing 25 research reports. In particular, we wanted to shed light on what our findings tell us about the current operating environment for voluntary organisations, including what helps them to survive or thrive, as well as the implications of this for charitable trusts and foundations.


(Turning a Corner 2013)

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