Report cover for The Tudor Trust wellbeing grant: One year on. from IVAR.

The Tudor Trust wellbeing grant: One year on

Feedback from grantees

In December 2020, The Tudor Trust sent an email to 631 grantees to offer a grant of £2,000 ‘to support staff, volunteer and trustee wellbeing’. It was designed as a direct response to what Tudor was hearing from grantees, and aimed to be a simple and quick way of acknowledging the pressure they were under.

A year on, grantees were surveyed to identify:

• How the wellbeing grant was used
• The difference it made to staff and volunteers, as well as the organisation overall
• How grantees experienced the grant-making process
• What grantees thought Tudor, and other funders, could do to continue to support wellbeing

With thanks to The Tudor Trust and their grantees and credit to Just Life for the use of their photo.


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