First Give evaluation report

This evaluation explored two assumptions that underpin the First Give Programme:

  1. That First Give helps young people to develop key skills in: leadership, public speaking, team working, design and delivery of research, being a responsible citizen.
  2. That First Give helps to ignite a ‘spark of social conscience’ that extends beyond participation in the programme.

Our findings suggest that First Give builds confidence and helps young people develop key skills in leadership, public speaking and team working. It also seems to have added benefits of strengthening teacher-student relationships, building a sense of community within year groups and helping schools engage with the wider community. The evaluation also starts to outline what ‘a spark of social conscience’ might look like and how the programme lays the foundations for future social activities. First Give undoubtedly makes a difference to schools, teachers and charities, and these benefits are strongest where there is an alignment of values, vision for the programme and commitment to a social mission.


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