Open and Trusting grant-making FAQs

We answer questions you may have on our Open and Trusting Grant-making initiative.

We recognise that grantmakers may have questions about the Open and Trusting Grant-making initiative that they want answering before signing up; while others may be curious about the work foundations are doing to be more open and trusting, and what this means for the sector. On this page, we’ve started to answer the questions that have come up since we launched the initiative in February 2021. We will continue to populate this page so that it becomes a useful resource on all things Open and Trusting Grant-making.

If you have questions you think should be added to this page or would prefer to speak to someone about the initiative, please contact Natalie on and Keeva on who will be able to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Refresh your commitments

If you’ve been signed up to Open and Trusting for over a year, you can refresh your commitments by clicking this box and entering the unique code that we sent you via email. 

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