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Dr Vita Terry

Vita is an experienced researcher and project manager with a long-standing interest in the voluntary sector, actively participating in the sector in different capacities such as a researcher, volunteer, and a trustee. She is currently a board member of Voscur, an infrastructure organisation in Bristol, and the Voluntary Sector Studies Network providing particular support with the New Researchers stream, VSVR annual conference and the development opportunities grant. Her research interests are in organisational change, welfare service provision, community participation and empowerment, emotions and wellbeing in voluntary sector work and is currently one of the co-authors in the third report on Human Learning Systems.

Previous experience

Before joining IVAR, she worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, Open University, working on projects such as Lloyds Bank Foundation ‘The Value of Small’; Tracking the Transforming Rehabilitation programme; an Erasmus funded project on Entrepreneurial Leadership across European countries; and on collaborative leadership within the voluntary sector. She has also worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Research into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham, on projects including health seeking behaviour of residents in super-diverse areas and gender-based violence experienced along the refugee journey. She has been affiliated with the Third Sector Research Centre through working on the ‘Real Times’ project, and based there whilst undertaking an ESRC funded Social Policy PhD. Her PhD research project investigates how asylum seeker and refugee voluntary sector organisations navigate these challenging and complex times, with a particular focus on organisational change, and bringing back the role of actors and agency. Vita has also experienced working in a government setting whilst undertaking an ESRC funded internship at the Welsh Assembly. 


Other interests

More broadly Vita is interested in researching migration, integration, and issues around diversity and ethnic minority communities. Vita enjoys adopting different creative methods to co-produce research, including ethnography, visual methods and film-making, and acting as a sounding board for ethical conundrums in relation to research projects. Outside of work, Vita enjoys hiking up mountains, camping, autumnal walks with her dog and reading.