Keeva Rooney - IVAR researcher.

Keeva Rooney

Keeva works across several projects that support IVAR’s research programme, including researching organisations’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the use of technology in small organisations. 

Previous work: Before joining IVAR, Keeva worked at NCVO producing outputs for the UK Civil Society Almanac. She has also worked at research agencies on large-scale surveys that provided a range of statistics on the UK population, including on crime, health and nutrition. Keeva has been involved in work exploring diversity in the voluntary sector. 

Other interests: Keeva is interested in how research can break down power dynamics between researchers and participants and is passionate about research that brings about practical advice and real change. 


Delayed Transfers of Care & the Voluntary and Community Sector in Greater Nottingham

Findings and Recommendations

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Learning with trust, trusting what we learn

Evaluation Roundtable briefing June 2023

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The STAGE Partnership: Learning and Legacy
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