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Gilly Green

Gilly has over 30 years experience in grant-making and the voluntary sector. Gilly is an experienced senior manager and as UK Director of Comic Relief for over 15 years until 2018, she oversaw the strategic direction of funding, managing an annual budget of about £40m. Gilly has developed responsive, devolved, participatory and proactive grant-making programmes.  Her experience in a high profile charity with significant public engagement has fine-tuned her skills in reach, communications and risk management. Gilly has many years experience of collaborative working, especially with Trusts and Foundations. Having now established her own consultancy business, Gilly undertakes strategic reviews, programme development, facilitation and organisational reviews. She also undertakes regular grants assessments for the City Bridge Trust to ensure a direct continued connection with the voluntary sector. Gilly also works regularly as an Independent consultant for the Kings Fund, managing the Cascading Leadership programme, a distinctive peer-to-peer leadership programme for the VCS. Gilly has been an associate at IVAR since 2018.

Other interests

Gilly is a Trustee of Rosa, the UK’s only Women’s Fund and is  a founding trustee of Tonic Living – a fresh approach to older LGBT  housing and care. Gilly was awarded an OBE for services to tackling Domestic Violence in 2007.  She has a particular interest in refugees and migration and is a long-time foster parent to an unaccompanied minor from east Africa.

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