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Peer support for charity leaders

Peer support for charity leaders

July 2020


We are running free 90 minute zoom sessions for up to 12 charity leaders at a time:


‘It’s good for mental wellbeing and to have the opportunity to talk and share with others in similar situations’. 


You’ll hear how others are adapting to Covid-19 and have a safe space to offload any challenges you face: 


‘I am able to share things that I can’t share with my Chair or staff’. 

Sign up here. 


Who is this for?

Leaders of charities, community organisations and social enterprises. Over 300 people from across the UK have taken part so far. Their organisations are active in 17 fields including the arts, criminal justice, education, equality, infrastructure and migration. 

What kind of space is it?

The precise focus of conversations is generated by the participants, who can shape what this needs to be, to ensure that the sessions are useful for them. Past attendees have valued hearing other leaders’ experiences, having a safe space to offload and time to pause and reflect.


‘It was really powerful to be part of one of these sessions … incredible to hear about the wide range of experiences and challenges faced by colleagues and to identify together commonality within that diversity.’

When are the sessions?

The online sessions last 90 minutes and dates are available until March 2021. Groups can choose to continue meeting on a 6-weekly basis. 

How do I sign up?

By visiting You will be asked four questions:

  • What is your registered charity number?
  • Can you tell us in 1-2 lines how this crisis has affected you and those your charity supports (to help with the facilitation of the session)?
  • How did you hear about this?
  • Do you have any access requirements?

The facilitators

Please note:


The online support sessions are not information or advice surgeries. They are facilitated peer support spaces.

Based on what we hear in these sessions, we are producing regular briefings on the challenges faced by VCSE leaders. This is a by-product and does not require any action on the part of attendees.

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