Better Reporting

Six principles to make grant reporting more proportionate, simple and useful.

Why better reporting matters:

Avoid wasted effort

Reporting arrangements can be burdensome rather than useful. The goal of Better Reporting was to address and reverse that, by funders and charities co-designing a new approach that works for both.

Focus on what really matters

We aim to translate commitments to lightness of touch into action for the longer term – so that funded organisations can focus even more on what really matters to the people and communities they serve.

Recognise funders’ power

The power to make change happen – to do things differently – rests with funders. The design of reporting arrangements – format, frequency, content – is in their gift.

Six principles for better reporting

1. Explain why you have awarded a grant

1. Funders explain why they have awarded a grant

2. Be clear about what reporting will look like

2. Funders and funded organisations are clear about what grant reporting will look like

3. Be clear about the type of relationship you would like to have

3. Funders are clear about the type of relationship they would like to have with the organisations they fund

4. Only ask for information you need and use

4. Funders only ask for the information they need and use, and question whether they need bespoke reporting

5. Give feedback on any reporting you receive

5. Funders give feedback on any grant reporting they receive, and share their thoughts on the progress of the work

6. Describe what you do with the information you obtain

6. Funders describe what they do with the information they obtain from funded organisations

With thanks to the charities and funders who helped us to develop these principles:

Better Reporting

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