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Work in progress


Please note that this page is currently in development.


You are viewing a preview of our new web pages, designed to deliver our research in a useful and usable format for CEOs and Trustees of small voluntary and community organisations. We are planning to ‘launch’ this new area of the site in Jan 2018. 


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It is important to take stock and work through change by focusing on the big external and internal challenges. To focus explicitly on the whole organisation and its wider context, rather than pressing day-to-day operational issues. 

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All articles and quotes on this page draw from IVAR’s research, particularly from our work with voluntary & community organisations.


How do we ensure a long-term presence in a community when we’re dealing with funding strands and other things that come and go? 

We support small voluntary and community organisations to look to the future, assess changes in the external environment and find their own responses.