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Please note that this page is currently in development.


You are viewing a preview of our new web pages, designed to deliver our research in a useful and usable format for CEOs and Trustees of small voluntary and community organisations. We are planning to ‘launch’ this new area of the site in Jan 2018. 


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Voluntary sector organisations start thinking about merger for two main reasons: as a response to funding cuts and anxiety about survival or when an opportunity arises to provide more and better services to beneficiaries. 

Hear from people who have been through it


Two questions are front of mind for many organisations considering merger

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All articles and quotes on this page draw from IVAR’s research, particularly from our work with voluntary & community organisations.


Vision first, structure second. Working towards a shared vision helps organisations to feel they have something to gain from coming together and, therefore, that some compromises are worth making.

We’ve been working on mergers with Lawrie for over 10 years.


In the first film, he shares his topline advice and headline budget/time needed. 


In the second, he goes into detail on five things to watch out for. 

Even if you enter merger explorations on the back foot, preoccupied by survival rather than growth – it is still important to identify and then pursue a positive agenda about change and improvement.