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The Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF)

October 2020


The Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF) aims to connect, align and strengthen people-power for a Zero Carbon Future. We do this by advising philanthropy, making grants and convening the field. Our work involves drawing together and amplifying the efforts of NGOs working on technical solutions and climate policy with those of campaign or grassroots groups and movements working to increase citizen engagement and activity across a variety of climate and social justice issues. We build and strengthen the ‘connective tissue’ between these communities, and support innovative projects in critical locations worldwide.


As UMI approaches the end of its first year of operations, we have made 25 grants to date – most during lockdown – through a collaborative, bottom-up strategy development process with field actors. We believe that this ensures that our grants recognise and fill spaces that are not occupied or are under-resourced in the climate movement. We are currently funded by Oak Foundation, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and Climate Works.

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