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The STAGE Project

Changing Lives has commissioned IVAR to work with the STAGE Project partnership to look at what can be learnt from its approach to partnership within this project. The STAGE Project partnership consists of six organisations – A Way Out, Basis, Changing Lives, GROW, Women’s Centre, Together Women Partnership – providing trauma-informed support for women in the North East and Yorkshire, who have been groomed by groups of men for sexual exploitation.

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Evaluation of the Tech for Good Programme

The Tech for Good programme started in 2016 and aimed at ‘enabling not-for-profits in the UK to make the best use of digital technologies to deliver more effective, sustainable and scalable services’. Now, in its fourth year of funding, the programme funders Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation have commissioned IVAR to review progress so far, in order to understand the extent to which it is achieving its aims, and provide recommendations to inform future programme refinement. The evaluation will look at the contribution of the programme, including progress and outcomes for individual grantees, as well as influence on the culture of funding and support for social tech.

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Small Voluntary Organisations’ adoption and use of tech: Phase Two

The purpose of a second phase of this research is to enhance and improve support and funding practices for the use of tech by small voluntary organisations (SVOs). In partnership with CAST, this follow-up piece of work will build on Start Somewhere. We are researching the key moments in the process of adoption and use of tech within SVOs.


Covid-19 has accelerated the need and necessity for voluntary organisations of all sizes to engage with tech. CAST and IVAR are hosting a series of digital support sessions with SVOs. These peer-to-peer learning sessions aim to support, reassure and inspire individuals within SVOs. We will gather ideas and stories of how SVOs are responding to change and practical examples of how they are embracing digital. We are interested in how SVOs’ adoption and use of tech has progressed in light of Covid-19, and we are hoping to learn about emergency responses that have specifically encompassed tech, as well as what’s helped or hindered progress in relation to external support and funding.


We will also be hosting separate sessions with digital support providers and funders. These sessions will explore:


  • What has the current situation taught us about the needs of SVOs with regards to digital support?


  • In what ways has the digital ecosystem responded and evolved?


  • What does it tell us about the kind of digital support the sector will need in six months/ 1 year’s time?


  • What are the implications for funding tech?


  • What elements of this support can be transferred to non-emergency settings (e.g. funder activity and behaviour that may have led to new tech initiatives within funded organisations)?


IVAR and CAST with develop collective messages for SVOs and funders about the current state of the digital ecosystem and longer term recovery.

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Connecting for Change

Help on Your Doorstep aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Islington, especially those who are vulnerable and isolated. The programme aims to work with residents to find solutions to the issues which make life difficult, strengthen communities to do more for themselves and enable people to improve their life chances. IVAR has been appointed to conduct a four year evaluation on the Connecting for Change programme to assess its effectiveness. The approach will be formative, collaborative and aimed at informing Help on Your Doorstep’s future activity, as well as generating learning for relevant partners in Islington and the broader social sector.