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The Shears Foundation

First Name
Be clear option text
We will strengthen our pre-application communications with potential applicants to ensure that there is a good fit between their organisation and our priorities and budgets. This will help potential applicants to not waste time in making applications that have a high chance of being unsuccessful.
Ask relevant option text
Review our application form, monitoring form and application process to ensure they only ask for information we will specifically use in our processes. We will introduce grantee feedback on their experience with The Shears Foundation.
Accept risk option text
We already accept risk by being a core funder but will look further at how we balance the necessary due diligence with risk.
Act with urgency option text
We will ensure that we always stick to our published timescales when dealing with grants and will always make a decision & payment in 10 days for approved Emergency Grants.
Be transparent option text
We will review the information on our website, and we will further encourage conversations with unsuccessful applicants.