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Head of Grants
Be clear option text
We will continue to reflect on our processes after each round of funding, and in particular, we will analyse rejected applications to see if there are patterns/unwritten rules. We will also continue to ensure that we publish how much funding is available and the number of grants we anticipate making.
Ask relevant option text
We will continue to only request information that we will use in assessment and monitoring. We continue to seek applications processes and build this into our future work.
Accept risk option text
We are committed to funding small grassroots organisations and work with our assessors to deepen their understanding of the challenges faced by small organisations and what good looks like.
Act with urgency option text
We always factor the timetabling needs of our applicants into our planning (such as school holidays), delivering funding as quickly as we can within our resources and often bringing in extra resources to enable this.
Be transparent option text
We always give feedback and will include common reasons for rejection in How to Apply materials where possible. We are transparent about our resources and how that may impact the funding process.