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Plymouth Octopus

First Name
Be clear option text
POP does not apply any narrowing criteria other than that of collaboration. Limited funds are managed by reducing the flow of applications before they are submitted. We provide full transparency on our transparency page:
Ask relevant option text
We only ask 3 questions at submission (What do they want to do?; how will they work together?; and what support do they need from POP members?) and a further 1 question at the resubmission stage (what did they change as a result of the support?).
Accept risk option text
Risk is inherent in this work. Our members rate the projects, and therefore the risk is measured by that process.
Act with urgency option text
We are doing this now and invite other funders to do so.
Be transparent option text
We plan to submit our funding to 360Giving - we need to iron out any 'double recording' with our own funders first.