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London Legal Support Trust

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Be clear option text
We will continue publishing information on our grants through our website and our specialist advice forum. We will continue replying to funding queries timely and effectively. We will continue providing feedback to rejected applications and where possible, give them alternative funding sources to apply to. We will continue to be clear and concise in our messaging about our grants through social media and other publications. We will do our utmost to make decisions as quickly as possible. We will review our grants forms to shorten the application process.
Ask relevant option text
We will only ask questions about the information that we do not have. We will continue using the information that already exists through regulatory bodies. We will get feedback about our application process from organisations to review our forms regularly.
Accept risk option text
In partnership with organisations, we will continue taking calculated risks to invest in pilot projects that can be rolled out widely. We will continue supporting organisations that face emergency issues to help them sustain their services.
Act with urgency option text
We will continue making quick decisions on our emergency ‘keep the doors open’ applications. We will hold conversations with organisations that need emergency funding to get the information we need to speed the process. We will review our decision-making process for our small grants to make quicker decisions.
Be transparent option text
We will continue providing feedback to organisations that are rejected. We will publish our grants information online. We will continue sharing information, lessons learned and good practice with organisations and funders.