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London Funders

Through the challenges of 2020 we saw funders step up to support civil society, strengthening trust and transparency in the grantmaking process. We have seen the importance of healthy relationships between civil society and funders through the crisis – in our case with the 67 funders who collaborated on the London Community Response to distribute over £50m of funding to over 3,000 groups to ensure community needs were met. We are proud to now join with our friends at IVAR and across the funding community to call for the achievements of 2020 to strengthen our work for the future.

Over 400 organisations signed our ‘We stand with the sector’ statement at the start of the crisis, and we believe that the eight funder commitments are the natural next step to take for funders who have already pledged to adapt activities, be financially flexible, and to listen. We encourage all of our members to sign up to the commitments, and to make practical changes where necessary, so that together we can enable our communities to thrive.