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Foundation Scotland

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Head of Programmes & Philanthropy
Be clear option text
FS commits to • Continue to provide step by step fund guidance and eligibility criteria, including clear priorities, information about previous awards, FAQs and top tips for applicants. • Encourage enquiries and provide tailored support to applicants, dealing efficiently with your enquiry. • For larger applications, we will sometimes request an initial expression of interest and, only on the basis of that invite, a full application. • Where appropriate, use one to one assessment calls with applicants to gather further relevant information. • Harness technology to make application and grant management (e.g., online applications and monitoring reports) are as efficient as possible for all stakeholders.
Ask relevant option text
FS commits to • Ensuring we only ask applicants for information that is relevant to making a funding decision on their application and throughout the grant process. • Ensuring our guidance is easily accessible and written in plain English, avoiding the use of industry jargon. • Providing assessment reports to decision-makers that are clear, focused and only contain appropriate & relevant information. • Ensuring that we are proportionate in the monitoring information requested.
Accept risk option text
FS commits to: • When considering risk, we will seek to understand the full context surrounding projects, for example, the negative impact of the pandemic on the financial position of many organisations. • Developing different approaches to fund distribution, ensuring that the risk to all our customers is balanced. • Continuing to trust grantees to deliver contracted projects. • Commit to continually reviewing our approach to risk.
Act with urgency option text
FS commits to: • Continue to provide reasonable timescales for all award decisions and ensure both our deadlines and your expectations are met. • Ensuring adequate resource is available to enable timeliness and flexibility in grant-making and fund distribution. • Act with urgency when circumstances warrant [e.g., for specific emergency response funds]
Be transparent option text
FS commits to: • Providing clear feedback on unsuccessful applications, which is practicable, specific and supportive. • Continue to provide transparency via our website on what to expect during our application processes, how we make decisions, and what we expect from grantees. • Publish all our awards on our website and 360Giving. • Continue to explore new ways to disseminate information on grants made and to evidence the impact of our funds. • Consider ways to involve third parties in reviewing our outward-facing communications and [grant making] practices.