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Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust

First Name
Executive Director of Programmes
Be clear option text
- Regular review of fund criteria to ensure clarity. - Regular review of rejected applications, picking up trends and addressing these in published support material. - Basic 'disqualifying' questions asked before access to online application forms given.
Ask relevant option text
- Regular review of application forms ensuring that only relevant questions that are directly relevant to fund criteria are asked. - Review of additional information required to take place and where documents can be accessed publicly this will be undertaken.
Accept risk option text
- Clear information about acceptable reserve levels etc. to be shared with applicants. - Guidance given on how risk is assessed.
Act with urgency option text
- Published timetables that are adhered to at all times. - Decision timeframes related to sizes of grants. - Trustee sub-committees and delegated authority used where appropriate.
Be transparent option text
- Feedback given/offered to all applicants where possible. - Regular data published on our website showing success rates. - Case studies and grants given highlighted.