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Be clear option text
We are keen to work in a relational way and encourage potential applicants to get in touch with us to discuss their ideas. For our open Health Grants programmes, we have an eligibility quiz at the start of our online application form. We publish detailed guidelines for each of our programmes, with clear funding priorities. For our Church Grants programme, we offer grants surgeries to discuss proposals, and we have introduced an online core information sheet, so that core information is only collected once, with churches updating this as required.
Ask relevant option text
We regularly review our application materials to ensure that we only ask for the information needed as part of the assessment process. For our multi-year Health Grants, we use a two-stage application process, asking for additional information for those being assessed at the second stage.
Accept risk option text
We recognise the considerable pressure which many organisations are facing as a result of Covid-19, including on their reserves and financial resilience. We have taken this into account in assessing funding applications.
Act with urgency option text
We publish and stick to our funding timetables. Funding decisions are communicated quickly to applicant organisations.
Be transparent option text
We give initial feedback to all unsuccessful applicants about the reason(s) for the declination. Where possible, we will also give more detailed feedback if requested.