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Badur Foundation

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Country Manager, UK
Be clear option text
We are a proactive, relationship-based funder, and we use our networks and research to identify funding and partnership opportunities. We provide feedback after each conversation, including being open and transparent about our priorities and requirements.
Ask relevant option text
We complete our own research and due diligence so we can have informed and relevant discussions with any organisation. Our preference is always to visit organisations to better appreciate their activities.
Accept risk option text
We explain clearly how we assess risk, and Trustees consider each organisation based on its situation and circumstances.
Act with urgency option text
As well as consideration at quarterly board meetings, Trustees review proposals on an ongoing basis in order to meet the needs of organisations (i.e. where a request is time-dependent/ more urgent).
Be transparent option text
We give feedback to all unsuccessful applicants (including reasons for being unsuccessful), and we try to provide as much helpful guidance as possible.