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Architectural Heritage Fund

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Head of Programmes and Impact
Be clear option text
Our team is available to respond to enquiries, assess essential eligibility and provide application guidance and support for our programmes. We strongly encourage potential applicants to contact us to ascertain their fundamental eligibility before completing an application. We will publish programme guides and application documents that are independently reviewed for clarity and consistency.
Ask relevant option text
We will only ask questions of applicants that help us to ascertain the heritage value, potential social benefits (including environmental impact), organisational capacity and financial/commercial position (where relevant) of projects. These answers help us to make funding decisions. Some questions may also generate data we are required to report back to our funders, and we will make clear to applicants where this is the case.
Accept risk option text
As a primarily early-stage grant funder and loan provider, we have for many years operated an explicit policy of embracing a reasonable degree of risk. We seek, through providing advice, to help mitigate the key risks we perceive in projects we support and plan within our own projections for a degree of failure. We are committed to learning from projects that don’t work out as planned within our sector and more broadly.
Act with urgency option text
Our grant application deadlines, and decision and payment timetables are published on our website. We are committed to sticking to both decision-making and payment timetables as far as possible. In line with our own Scheme of Delegation, we consider smaller grant applications on a monthly rolling basis, which allows us to confirm a grant decision within six weeks of application deadlines. Larger grants and loans are awarded on a rolling quarterly basis. Where essential to capitalise on limited-term opportunities, we will aim to expedite decisions. Additional funding opportunities that may arise will be communicated and decided on as rapidly as possible.
Be transparent option text
We aim to provide honest, thoughtful and pragmatic feedback to unsuccessful applicants and offer follow-up conversations in the hope that projects will find greater success in future funding rounds or with other funders. We participate in 360 Giving and publish lists of awards, as well as common reasons for rejection on our website.