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research report

Funding for resident control

The Local Trust experience so far

October 2015

Leila Baker, Charlotte Hennessy, Marilyn Taylor


During December 2014 IVAR carried out research on behalf of Local Trust to identify the distinctive features of their funding model and the journey so far in developing that funding approach. The report describes the distinctive features of Local Trust’s funding approach that flow from the core principle of resident control:  

  • Time and pace
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Light touch and flexible support
  • Sustainability through making investments and maximising assets
  In this document you can read IVAR’s analysis of the advantages of the trust model and the way in which Local Trust was set up; the distinctive features of Local Trust and the critical importance of a commitment to learning and reflection to steer a course through the challenges of Local Trust’s chosen approach to funding communities.


(Funding for Resident Control Local Trust 2015)

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