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Trust for London evaluation of funding plus activities

Trust for London evaluation of funding plus activities

Topline timings: September 2018- January 2019


Commissioned by:

Trust for London

IVAR has been commissioned by Trust for London to evaluate its funding plus approach to supporting organisations. Trust for London’s approach encompasses a range of activity – from direct support provision, to commissioning research and convening networks. The evaluation will focus on whether their approach has contributed to the Trust’s ambition to increase the ability of funded organisations to influence policy in their areas of focus. The evaluation will examine this aim as well as shed light on any unintended outcomes. Through this evaluation, Trust for London hopes to gain a better understanding of effective grant making through funding plus activities.


This evaluation builds directly on IVAR’s extensive body of research and evaluation in the funding plus field, as well as expertise in working alongside trust and foundation staff, supporting them to evaluate funding approaches.

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