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Evaluation of Child Sexual Exploitation Funders Alliance

Evaluation of Child Sexual Exploitation Funders Alliance


The Child Sexual Exploitation Funders’ Alliance (CSEFA) is a group of 12 charitable funders who came together in 2012 to bring about a step change in the way child sexual exploitation is dealt with in the UK. Specifically, they wanted to see responses to child sexual exploitation positioned as an integral part of mainstream safeguarding.

Since 2012, IVAR has been working alongside these funders to learn from and support the collaboration itself. Specifically, the funders wanted to reflect on the challenges and achievements of this form of funder collaboration; and the underlying assumption that aligned funding is a suitable strategy for achieving systemic change in a complex field such as child sexual exploitation.

In 2016, we brought together what had been learned so far in a briefing, Funder collaboration: Is it worth it? In it we explain that CSEFA members believe that by bringing together funders’ knowledge, reach, resources and time, more has been achieved than would have been the case had the funders worked individually.

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