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Charities and social investment

Charities and social investment


We have recently completed and published our latest research on small and medium sized charities’ experiences with social investment. By concentrating on the voice of small and medium-sized charities and communicating what we learn to other charities, investors and intermediaries, we aim to provide a bridge between those different stakeholders in the field of social finance.

In 2017 we are taking the research out to organisations that support small and medium sized charities to explore with them how they might be able to use or act on our findings.

Both the research and this dissemination phase have been funded by the IVAR, The Barrow Cadbury Trust and Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, and has the support of the Charity Commission. It is being carried out by IVAR and follows on from previous research for the Charity Commission in England and Wales on charities and social investment.

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