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We have been working with small voluntary and community organisations for 18 years. On these pages, you’ll find insights from almost two decades of action research. 


Find useful, usable insights in 90 seconds.

Four themes

1. Core funding: Ideas that may be useful when considering how to make your case. 


We want to help organisations focus on the needs of beneficiaries, and that means giving them flexibility’


Christopher Graves, Director at Tudor Trust

2. Cross sector working: How to make it a success. 


Now more than ever we are faced with a blizzard of acronyms, whizzing past us at pace’ 


Charlotte Pace, IVAR Associate

3. Strategy and Planning: Where to start with reviewing strategy in a short, focused time frame. 


This is about the big decisions. The ones that keep you up at night but also get you out of bed each morning.’


Dr Sam Brier, IVAR Trustee

4. Merger: Is it right for your organisation? If the answer is yes, where do you start? 


If you don’t already know if it’s the right thing to do … then it’s probably not!’


Laurie Rackind, Chief Executive and Neil Taylor, Trustee of Jami UK

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