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#iwill: youth volunteering in the NHS

Four London Trust’s – Chelsea & Westminster, Imperial, UCLH and South London & Maudsley partnered on a beacon project. “We want to use the funding to demonstrate the impact youth NHS volunteering is having in London, but also as a legacy project that can be used to promote future initiatives and support. We commissioned an animator to work with us on the film … During the February half term, 12 volunteers from the 4 Trust’s joined us for a workshop with the animator. This allowed Volunteer Coordinators to take a step back and ensure the messaging came from the volunteers themselves – what they wanted people to know. Four young volunteers also contributed to the video by recording voice overs – which they managed by recording on their phones under duvets in their homes to manage it during lockdown! We’re really proud of the final product, and hope it will encourage more leaders in education and health sectors to buy in to NHS youth volunteering.”