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Commission a project

We always find it interesting to talk about organisational challenges, ideas, problems, dilemmas – things that are on people’s minds and that we might be able to help with, whether it’s a plan for an away-day or the launch of a national programme. This may result in a new collaboration or learning partnership.

As a charity, we are equally happy to act as a sounding board, share our insights and point you towards existing research and resources that might be useful. The best way to establish the extent of fit is to start the conversation.


Our work comes from four sources


  • Recommendation

  • Repeat work from existing clients

  • Self-initiated through the Research Development Fund

  • Suitable tenders


Will it make a difference?


We want every project that we undertake to make a difference at a strategic or practical level. Together with IVAR trustees we have formed a set of criteria to guide decisions about if and how we take on a project. These are regularly reviewed and designed to ensure that we only take on work where we can genuinely make a positive contribution.




Relevance: Can we make a useful, practical and intellectual contribution?


Public benefit: Can project findings be used to advance knowledge and learning?


Feasibility: Do we have the capacity, knowledge and skills to carry out the project to a high standard?


Collaboration: Will we be able to apply action research principles?


Commission a project

+44 (0)20 7921 2940


What does it look like in practice?


Projects can take many forms and our response is always bespoke.


Methods may include


  • Evidence and literature review

  • Interviews

  • Facilitated workshops

  • Surveys


Outputs may include


  • Briefings

  • Reports

  • Infographics

  • Resources

  • Film

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