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briefing paper

Getting ready for the fallout

Briefing 3 on the challenges faced by VCSE leaders during the Covid-19 crisis

April 2020

Ben Cairns, Emily Dyson, Liz Firth, Chris Mills


This third briefing shares the experiences of 37 charities shared between 9 and 16 April 2020, and our reflections on the questions and opportunities for funders that they raise.

Three weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown, VCSE leaders are feeling unsettled. Although the initial phase of manic adjustment has passed, they face the challenges of uncertainty over how long the lockdown will last and what will happen when it ends. Under significant strain, some leaders are beginning to feel exhausted: ‘At times, it can seem like too much’. Thinking about the future, they are increasingly concerned about the long-term fall-out from Covid-19, fearful of the impact of an economic recession and about how public attitudes and long-term public policy might be affected.

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(Briefing 3 - Getting ready for the fallout - IVAR April 2020)

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