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briefing paper

Briefing Three: What we learned from sharing the research

Charities & Social Investment

June 2017

Leila Baker, Niamh Goggin


In November 2016 we published Small charities and social investment, reporting on the experiences and opinions of 25 small charities and social enterprises across England. Since then we have been sharing and building on our findings through giving presentations, brokering meetings and running workshops with investors and intermediaries. Over four months we have reached more than 250 people across 12 separate events.

This briefing summarises what we learned from sharing the research and sets out three areas for further action:

  1. The narrative and language around social investment
  2. Workforce development
  3. Connecting grant funding with social investment

We hope that you’ll find the seven key learning points useful and that you’ll share them with your own networks.  


(IVAR Briefing-Small charities and social investment-June 2017)

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