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Industry guidelines

We adhere to the ethical guidelines of the Social Research Association and have adopted the Market Research Association guidelines in our work with children and young people.





We adhere to the highest principles of research practice, including ethical behaviour, in all our work.


We do this simply because it is the right thing to do.


We want to ensure that the interests of research participants and of our partners are always protected.


What matters most to us is to have systems in place that help ensure we uphold our principles & guidelines throughout a project.


Talk to the team.


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We make a full assessment of ethical issues and possible risks; we check industry guidelines and identify how ethics will be assured and how risks will be mitigated.



We revisit our assessment of ethical issues with the client and participants, and, where appropriate, we put in place an ethics plan for how these will be handled practically.



A senior member of the team monitors implementation of these ethics plans. The client is also likely to monitor implementation and, in most cases, critical issues will be specified in the contract.



We revisit our original assessment of ethical issues and our ethics plan. This time our focus is on what we have learned and what, if anything we might do differently in the future.


Ethical approval process

Many projects are straight forward and carry few risks, but some require a more structured approach to assessing whether there are any ethical issues of concern and, if so, how to handle them. We use a formal Ethical Approval Process in the following circumstances:


  • •The research will directly involve children, young people or vulnerable adults
    second line
  • The client has serious reservations about ethics and has included those in the brief/contract
  • •Ethical issues are raised that are a threat to the five ethical principles listed above

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