Dr Vita Terry and Keeva Rooney
What is ‘power’ and how can it be redistributed to communities?

Long read – sharing insights from across our research portfolio

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Abena Obeng - IVAR intern
An intern’s eye view of action research
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One Southwark year one briefing

Building confidence and connections

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Building confidence and connections in Southwark

Year one findings from the One Southwark programme 

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Not just ticking boxes

Four stories illustrating the power of community-led health service design

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Building Community Leadership

Values and approaches that underpin successful community leadership support

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Jane Hatfield Award
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Social entrepreneurship as a reintegrative solution for ex-prison residents

ANS Research - The Jane Hatfield Award

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Working together in community support

Evaluation of the Connecting for Change programme from Help on Your Doorstep

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What we’ve learned about rebalancing power in community settings
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